Georgia Travel – Explore Great Camping Experience in Georgia State Parks

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Georgia, the Empire State of South boasts grand picturesque scenery and a range of interesting places of diverse cultural and historical value. The unbelievable camping experience you can get here holds a very important place in Georgia travel and tourism. This beautiful state offers numerous public parks under the administrative umbrella of “Georgia Department of Parks and Recreation”, popularly known as Georgia State Park System.

Going camping in these state parks can be a great activity as it is surely going to give you a relaxed retreat on your weekend. This article will help you to plan your holiday in your Georgia Travel for an excellent camping endeavor. To start with, you must know few basic things before you proceed ahead with your camping preparation.

Parking Fees
As a visitor, you are needed to pay the required parking fee. If you are a regular visitor camping frequently in Georgia State Parks, then it is advisable to get an annual pass so that you will be able to save some money. You can buy them at the state park offices manually or buy online from official websites of state parks. The funds collected through these parking fees are used for maintenance of parks.

If you are a veteran or senior citizen, you can avail the facility of discount on both parking fees and annual pass that amounts form 25 to 50 % depending upon the category you can apply for. While manual purchasing involves immediate discount offer, online purchasing requires you to pay the complete amount (without discount) and you will get appropriate discount at the time of your arrival after producing your id proof.

Minimum Reservation
During public holidays (Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day) you are required to do the booking for minimum three nights while during weekends, the permissible minimum booking is for two nights.

Reservation and cancellation
You are required to make the payment equivalent to the payable amount for minimum duration at the time of reservation. Cancellation charges are 10 $ if you cancel your reservation 3 days prior to your arrival. The administration is not liable for any refunds if you cut your visit short.

During your camping, you must follow certain regulations in order to protect and maintain the natural resources of park. Only 6 people are allowed per campsite and their tents should be erected only on designated locations. The maximum camping limit is for 14 consecutive days and if you want to extend your camping, you must take a break of 3 days after 14 days. You are also required to get special permission for overnight camping following the trail.


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